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Speaktheworld Language School is based in a beautiful setting in Upminster situated in the East of London

At Speak The World we are proud to be able to offer to our students a unique opportunity. Not 
only do students attend our English Language course for four hours a day but they also attend lessons of all school subjects.

If you are  interested in our other services for studying foreign languages please visit our sister school Speak The World Language School.


The communicative approach to language acquisition will have students speaking better English from the first day of class. Grammar is learned in the context of communication and practical vocabulary builds with each class as teachers facilitate learning.

Build Confidence

We teach English through putting the language in relevant contexts, using role play and real-life situations. In this way students become increasingly confident and motivated to commit themselves to improving their English.

Achieve Your Goals

No matter what students’ goals are in their study of English — to widen their academic or work prospects, for trips abroad or to communicate with friends and family — Speak The World can help to fulfil their aspirations.

Sacred Heart of Mary Girls’ School

One of the best comprehensive secondary schools in the UK where highly achieving students enter the top universities. At Sacred Heart of Mary Girls’ School we believe in high standards and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of school life. We place a high value on spiritual and moral values as well as on courtesy and consideration for others. Boys are welcome for the summer school only!


Teachers: Experienced teaching staff from top UK university backgrounds, including the University of Oxford, with previous teaching experience working for esteemed UK and international educational organisations such as the British Council. Staff are therefore equipped to advise students about applying for prestigious UK universities.


Students: We welcome high-flying and enthusiastic students from all over the world. We limit our class sizes to a maximum of 10 students to maximise student-teacher interaction and to encourage proactive and meaningful conversation in English.

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