Unique opportunity to study English
and to experience a full immersion
into British culture and British
educational system



Speak The World – English Language Summer School

Speak The World is the first organisation working in collaboration with excellent secondary Schools in London to provide a two-week course where students (aged 13 to 18) are fully immersed in the British educational system during the day and stay with British families in the evenings.

High-flying students will attend lessons of English each morning and then they will join English students in selected local secondary schools in the afternoon to study different school subject; in English, of course!

Students are selected from a variety of countries in order to maximise their speaking of English during the duration of the whole two-week course. This experience will be also enrich students’ personal development, where they will learn to socialise with people coming from very different background, helping them to become citizens of the world.`

Speak The World – English Language Summer School

Speak with us. Learn with us. Improve with us.

Whether students want to improve their English for upcoming trips abroad, to improve their academic and professional prospects, to study at English-speaking institutions, or to communicate with international friends and family, Speak The World’s summer school can help language students achieve their goals.